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Book Review of "The DOGtrine of Peace"

Bookish MB
"Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not die, so do other creatures" ~ H.H. The Dalai Lama

✨This book is one of those light breezy reads that you can pickup anytime and still feel the same freshness. The narrations are simple and crisp yet leave a powerful impact. Filled with experiences, interviews and anecdotes of renowned personalities who are spiritual gurus, therapists, environmentalists - the book focus on the fact that being with a dog in particular and other animals in general help humans to be a better person. 

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains un-awakened"

Do you know the word animal comes from anima which means spiritual spirit. So if you are in touch with your spirit you can't help but be part of every animal that you see!

As per the author the stages and sutras of 9-fold DOGtrine of peace are- 

1. Namaste Atman (Recognizing the Soul)
2. Karuna and Ahimsa (Compassion and Non Violence)
3. Sevabhaav (Service)
4. Atma Samarpan (Surrender)
5. Dhristhi Dhyaan, Ekagrata, Smruti (Eye-to-Eye Meditation, Focus and Mindfulness)
6. Acharana (Conduct)
7. Divya Bindu (Divine Point of Energy)
8. Divya Guju (Divine Chamber)
9. Sarva-Sakshu and Hridayakamala (Consciousness and Lotus of Love) 

What will you get from the book?
  • know how dogs benefit humans in multiple aspects, not only in stress busting and healthy living; but in increasing productivity and creativity
  • acts as a source of inspiration for both dog lovers and non dog lovers
  • beautiful human and dog illustrations that can brighten your day

All that I said above sounds weird right? Well don't worry. It will all fall into place once you read it. 

Do give it a try once...happy reading!

Making It Big Review

Bookish MB
Title- Making It Big
To be honest, I am not very much into biographies or related stuff, but my friend gifted me this copy so I gave it a read and I am glad I did. Whosoever will read it will surely learn something. Well, it's human nature to fall apart in times of difficulty. But that's not what we should do. Right? 

Since I am a business student, I like reading books related to business mantras, survival and all. This book making it big is truly a commendable book written by Binod Chaudhary in which he has showcased his life in four parts-
  • Part 1 birth of his passions
  • Part 2 about fall, his battles, politics
  • Part 3 is about the turning points of his life and business
  • Part 4 His business mantras that got him huge success 
Also, there are real life pictures of him. Overall, if you like reading biographies then you should read it once. On amazon you can get it on a good discount price :) The language used in the book is totally layman's, so you won't face any difficulty reading it! Anyways, hope everyone's having great and healthy days 🌺 Happy reading

The Treasure Syndicate

Bookish MB

Title - The Treasure Syndicate

Author - Jatin Kuberkar

Youtube Link- The Treasure Syndicate

The Treasure Syndicate

I am into thriller novels des days and was wondering about my next pick when my friend suggested me to go for this book once.

The Treasure Syndicate is centered around five main characters, Acharya being the major one. He is the leader of the group. 

The other 4 members are-

  • Jabbar (digger)
  • Kumar (driver)
  • Shrikant (common man)
  • Mahesh (doctor)
Together they form the syndicate and move onto a constructive journey.

The author has very carefully crafted the story, showcasing the background of characters, hardships faced by them individually as well as collectively, their conflict and resolution.

The storyline has thrill content as well as the required suspense. The language is simple and hence even beginners can give it a try.

📚Overall, I liked the asthetic of the book and I am thankful to my friend for the suggestion.

🌺 Hope everyone's having a great and healthy day.

Lost Love Late Love Book Review

Bookish MB

Title- Lost Love Late Love


Kashika takes her first step into a hard corporate life, while being in an emotionally abusive relationship with Vivaan, which has taken a heavy toll on her lifestyle, but is unable to let go. As the circumstances turn sour with physical abuse making a way into their relationship, she meets Vidit, who compels her to walk away and start a new life. 

Vidit and Kashika start finding solace in each other, which causes problems for both of them as Vidit is betrothed to someone else. Kashika feels Vidit is her soulmate but can't do anything about it.

The entire situation becomes more complicated when Vivaan tries to reconnect with Kashika, and rekindle their relationship. Kashika feels tormented between her past and present, while Vidit is unable to choose between duty and his heart, making them feel stuck. With only few weeks left for Vidit's marriage, Kashika decides to confront Vidit about their relationship.

Will Kashika and Vidit fight for their love? Has Vivaan really changed? What does fate have in store for her? Walk with Kashika as she tries to fight her destiny and doomed love life for a better future.

Book Review of GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics (Sixth Edition)

Bookish MB

Title - GRE Analytical Writing: Solutions to the Real Essay Topics (Sixth Edition)

Publisher - Vibrant Publishers

GRE Book by Vibrant Publishers

This book by Vibrant Publishers is the latest sixth edition of GRE analytical writing (solutions to the real essay topics) and is divided into two major parts-

1. Analyze an issue task

2. Analyze an argument task

These two parts are further divided into subtopics of art, education, government and politics, philosophy, science and technology, society.

The book gives an overview of how to solve the issue and argument tasks based on the strategies/alternatives to be used, opposing viewpoints, how to form new viewpoints, evidence, assumptions, and related pointers.

Also, at the end of each topic, a sample essay is provided for reference. With the help of this book, candidates can understand the way of constructing the essay using multiple pointers.

I would have liked it more if it had more illustrations in each topic because in the market a lot of books of GRE that are available do give multiple examples for making students understand.

Book Review of Sitayana

Bookish MB

Title- Sitayana

Author- Rajnih Rethesh

Ever wondered what happens when there is a clash between our belief system and what is actually happening (reality)? From ancient times, women have been shown on lower strata than men, be it in terms of strength, education, intelligence, or else.


The protagonist writes a book "Sitayana" that focuses more on negative aspects of Hindu mythology. She starts getting life-threatening calls. Apparently, her husband is one of those non-supportive types. But, gladly to her rescue comes forward Gauri Naik (wife of leader Ganpatrao Naik). In the intense storyline, Sita falls in love with Kenny. However, one day, Sita is nowhere to be found. Where is she? Well, I can't give spoilers here.

Defined in simple narratives, the book Sitayana holds the story of being women (not only in ancient times but in the 21st century as well). 

If you wish to buy the book - https://www.amazon.in/SITAYANA-RAJNIH-RETHESH/dp/8194552567

Youtube review link - Sitayana

Project Management by Vibrant Publishers

Bookish MB

Title- Project Management

Publisher - Vibrant Publishers

Author - Kalpesh Ashar

In all sizes of business, it is vital to align business strategy with the ongoing/upcoming projects. Right? To avoid all possible errors and ensure sustainability, management of the projects is vital. Hence, it necessary for a project manager to not only know the concepts but also learn the practical application of the same in real-life scenarios.
This book Project Management (essentials you always wanted to know) by Vibrant Publishers is a part of their self-learning management series and is quite knowledgable for those who are looking for concise quality content related to project management. Divided into 6 major chapters, the book has a chapter summary at the end of each chapter. It has a glossary at the end of the book which is helpful. The six chapters are-

1. Overview

2. Project initiation

3. Project planning

4. Project execution

5. Project monitoring

6. Project closure

Also, the author has tried explaining the topics by using infographic explanation for quick understanding. However, I feel the book could have been more elaborative. The page quality is superb, but the price of the book is high as compared to books of project management available in the market.

Purchase link- https://www.vibrantpublishers.com/

Book Review - Financial Management

Bookish MB

Title- Financial Management 

Author- Kalpesh Ashar

Financial Management

This is the latest updated edition of the Financial Management book by Vibrant Publishers. A total of 8 chapters are there-

1. Introduction
2. Financial statement analysis
3. Cost of capital
4. Capital budgeting
5. Working capital management
6. Capital structure
7. Distribution to shareholders
8. Forecasting financial statements

The author Kalpesh Ashar has tried to simplify the above-mentioned topics and explained them in easy layman language. There are formulas in required topics.
What I like the most in this updated book is the summary given at the end of each chapter. The book is self-explanatory, detailed and acts as a quick guide. At the end of each chapter, there are 3-4 illustrations with solutions and some practice questions.

To be noted?

1. Price - I got this book at a 10 percent discount i.e. 449 which I think is slightly high as compared to other books available in the market.
2. If you are looking for an elaborated explanation of mentioned topics, then this book is not for you.
3. Paper quality is quite good.
4. Glossary given at the end is helpful.

Book Review - Kalkikal Katha - Tripund Kaksha

Bookish MB

Title- Kalkikal Katha
Author - Prashant Singh

Usually I dont read books in hindi so initially it was difficult for me to read with pace but then after the second adhyay I read it quiet swiftly.

To tell you frankly, if u are someone who hesitates before picking any Hindi language book then don't worry about this one. The author has very carefully provided a list of characters (Charitra suchi) before the index so just in case u have any problem with the characters you can easily switch and check it without any problem.
What this book is about?
Well, this book Kalkikal begins from the storyline where part one (samyat mystery) ended! The main character is Kalki who is on a journey to save earth from getting invaded by some other planet species. In his journey, Kalki meets unique people and visits mysterious places. His challenges get tougher. In this book, extinct creatures are brought back to life by the author. Dead become alive. Kalki has to save the earth with the help of his team.
There is a lot of thrill, mystery, and uncertainty within the storyline. Read this book to find out if Kalki is able to face the terrible crisis. If yes then how? Which key is he looking for? Who are those people who are helping him?
In between the story, the readers may feel the deviations, but believe me it will all end at a certain point leaving readers with amazement.

Book Review - Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

Bookish MB

Title - Financial Accounting Essentials You Always Wanted To Know

Author - Kalpesh Ashar

I was searching for a financial accounting book and the store person handed few books to me out of which financial accounting by Kalpesh Ashar was one. What caught my attention towards this book was the size and I wondered what would it have content-wise. When I opened the table of content I was amazed to see the topics that were being covered. So I decided to buy this book.

After coming home I gave a bird's eye view of the whole book and literally liked the simple and easy narrations of each and every topic. Being a commerce student I have always looked for quality content, not the number of pages a book provides me

I feel two things in this book could have been better-

1. More practical examples along with answers/solutions

2. Book price (I got it for 449 which I think was slightly high as compared to other books available in the market)

So if you are not looking for in-depth/extensive financial accounting content then you can pick this one up...

Overall it's a good book and is very helpful to me in my making certain basics clear to me...Also, at the end of the book there is this little glossary provided which is helpful too.

Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Bookish MB

Title- Pride and Prejudice 

Author- Jane Austen


1. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet (Parents of Bennet sisters)

2. Bennet Sisters - Jane, Elizabeth (Lizzy), Mary, Kitty, and Lydia

3. Charles Bingley - Wealthy and young gentleman

4. William Darcy - Friend of Charles Bingley

5. Mr. Collins - Cousin of Bennet sisters

6. Lady Catherine - Wealthy aunt of William Darcy

7. George Wickham - Officer in the militia

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of those classic novels that has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. The main storyline moves around the second eldest sister Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet, the dynamic protagonist, and William Darcy. Within the main storyline, parallel stories move along in the novel and may sound confusing if not paid attention by the readers. 

The story concludes that marrying for love is more important rather than focusing on money or getting under social pressure.


Mr. and Mrs. Bennet do not have any son and for the safety of their daughters, they want either all of them or any one of them to get settled in a rich family in order to support the others. One day the Bennet family is invited by Charles Bingley to a ball party along with the entire neighborhood. In the ball, the eldest sister Jane Bennet is attracted towards Charles Bingley. Both families observe them and are clear of their relation. Here, Charles Bingley asks his friend William Darcy to also find a match and suggests for Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. But William Darcy rejects the proposal saying he is not interested in her. This conversation is heard by Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet and she gets very offended. 

Charles Bingley's sisters invite Jane Bennet for dinner. On her way there, she catches a cold and is forced to stay there. To check up on her sister, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet goes too and there William Darcy is attracted towards her which is not liked by Caroline (Charles Bingley's sister). 

Simultaneously, Mr. Collins visits Bennet family and upon knowing that Jane Bennet is committed to Charles Bingley, he shows his interest in marrying the second eldest sister i.e. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. Mr. Collins proposes the same to Lizzy but nothing works out between them and he marries her friend Charlotte. 

Whereas, charming army officer, George Wickham meets Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet and her family. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet gets to know that George Wickham knows William Darcy. He tells him what Darcy did to him which grows more hatred in Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet towards William Darcy. 

Soon, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet visits Mr. Collins and her friend Charlotte. She is invited to Rosings Park. Lady Catherine is Mr. Collin's landlord. Elizabeth doesn't know that she is also the wealthy aunt of William Darcy. Lady Catherine throws a party and invites both William Darcy and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. At the party, William Darcy confesses his love to Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet buy she angrily rejects him and tells him she can't marry and love someone who has caused unhappiness in her sister's life. She also tells him what he did to George Wickham. William Darcy does not say anything about the accusations. 

Later, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet receives a letter from William Darcy in which is explains why he did what he did. Upon reading the letter, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet feels ashamed of her sense of judgment. 

The story concludes on a good note. Bennet family is happy as three of the Bennet sisters are married.

For more such book reviews/summaries, I would request you to please subscribe to this blog and get updated. Also, if you want me to write the summary of any particular book, mention the same in the comment section below or email on the given address. 

Happy Reading!

Book Link for purchase - https://www.amazon.in/Little-Vintage-Classics-LouisaMay-Alcott/dp/0099572966

Book Review of Life is What You Make It

Bookish MB

Title - Life Is What You Make It

Author - Preeti Shenoy

Life is what you make it
Life is what you make it

Life Is What You Make It depicts the story of Ankita who belonged to a  conservative family. Being academically good, she thought of getting into SRCC Delhi but her parents didn't agree. Instead, she took admission in St. Agnes College for girls. On one fine day during an inter-college cultural festival. Ankita met Abhishek. Soon after they both fell in love. But destiny had something else planned out. Ankita moved to Mumbai as she got admission in one of the B-School and that's it. Abhishek committed suicide. 

Soon Ankita started feeling nostalgia and fell into depression. She even tried taking her own life. Further to the story, Ankita is admitted to a mental hospital where she gets diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. What happened to her at the end of the story? Did she make it or let her depression overcome her dreams? Read the book Life Is What You Make It to know it all.

Life Is What You Make It is a short one time read. One can experience the ambitious life that youngsters crave while in school/college. Characters are doing fine in the storyline. The writing style is simple and engaging initially and becomes a bit intense wherever required. 

Book Review of The HR Superstar

Bookish MB

Title - The HR Superstar

Author - Sridhar Ganesh

This is not a book, rather a lifetime experience of the author (feels like one on one conversation) who has worked/served for more than four decades in the Human Resource industry and is continuing to do so...
To keep it simple, the author says that there I no doubt that plenty of HR theories are available. But what is missing and is most required is the practical wisdom to be successful in the real world.
It's like you know what you want. The question is how to get the right impetus?
To my surprise, at the beginning of each chapter, one inspirational quote or saying is written that gives a very positive feeling of what the chapter is all about...
To be honest, I was never interested in HR and hence I didn't choose HR in my MBA program. But if you are someone who wants to make a career in the HR domain, you must check out this book once. People already working in the HR domain will also find plenty of improving ways!

Author Interview - Jagadish Nadanalli

Bookish MB

BookishMB had a word with Author Jagadish Nadanalli, who has written three books namely ‘Me, My Friends, and an Aunty’, ‘Third Love’ and 'My Father’s Girlfriend'. Apart from writing books, Author Jagadish also works for the Kannada film and TV industry. He even acted as a police officer in a movie. To know information related to his source of inspiration, writing habits, future works, and much more, read the full interview.

BookishMB - Tell us a little about yourself? Something that is known to only a few people.

Jagadish Nadanalli - I am a writer. I live, love, and breathe writing. I work in the Kannada film and TV industry as a writer. I have written for TV serials, reality shows, and talk shows. I have written stories, screenplays, and dialogues for a few Kannada movies too. I debuted as a movie director in 2015 with the Kannada movie titled ‘Rocket’. My short movie ‘Lottery’ released last year and it was selected for BISFF (Bengaluru International Short Film Festival) and another couple of film festivals. Only a few people know that I have acted in a movie as a police officer. And I played a negative role in my short movie Lottery because the actor fixed for the role demanded more money the day before the shoot.      

BookishMB - From where did you get the inspiration for writing books. Please give our readers a brief about your book/books??

Jagadish Nadanalli - I usually get inspiration from my life and the life around me. I also get inspired by other writers too but I mostly depend on my observation and imagination. My first book ‘Me, My Friends, and an Aunty’ was released in 2014. It is a self-published book. It is a story of four friends and how their life changes when they meet a middle-aged woman. My second book was ‘Third Love’ published through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It is set in an imaginary kingdom where a General fights to save his country. My Father’s Girlfriend is my third book. It explores the depth of love and the father and son relationship.      

BookishMB - Which according to you is the most difficult part of writing?

Jagadish Nadanalli - The part where you start writing or typing words is the most difficult part of writing. You are up against so many factors, thoughts, characters, and external disturbances that keep hindering your writing process. At some point in time, it becomes difficult to conquer them and you feel mentally drained to write even a single word.   

BookishMB - Could help our readers know which websites you refer to when you feel blue and want something to read?

Jagadish Nadanalli - I don’t refer to any websites. I try to be away from the internet as much as possible while I am writing. But I always keep a book beside me when I am writing. Most of the time they belong to the genre I am writing.   

BookishMB - As a writer, do you have family support?

Jagadish Nadanalli - My family is a long way away from anything to do with writing. But the moral support I get from them is immense. I live alone in Bengaluru and living alone is a big boon for writing.

BookishMB - Tell us about your exclusive or rather rare writing habit that you love?

Jagadish Nadanalli - There is no exclusive habit. I just start writing if a concept or a thought keeps haunting me without any gap.  

BookishMB - Writing a book was your first preference or it just happened by luck?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Writing was my first preference. I wanted to use my writing skills to write screenplays and make movies. Since it is very tough to find investors for a movie; I came up with an idea to convert the movie scripts into books. Also, my English was not that good when I started to write so I wanted to improve by involving myself in writing in English.

BookishMB - Are any of the characters of the book inspired by real-life humans?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Real-life characters inspire most of the characters in my books. If you ask me about ‘My Father’s Girlfriend’, a couple of them are based on real-life characters but I can’t tell whom they are based on.

BookishMB - Are you planning to write more books? Can you help our readers find your future works?

Jagadish Nadanalli - I already have three manuscripts ready to be published. It all depends on how much the current book, My Father’s Girlfriend will be able to create a buzz in the market. Going by the trends, I am hoping that it will end up in the bestseller list in a couple of months if not weeks. To the readers, I just request them to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram to know about my future works.   

BookishMB - Any message for beginners who are trying to find which books to start from?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Start with my book ‘My Father’s Girlfriend’. It is simple, funny, and entertaining. It may also leave you teary-eyed once you finish the book. So don’t wait, order a copy today.

Author Interview - Sameer Saxena

Bookish MB

Bookish MB had a word with Author Sameer Saxena, writer of Sunset by the River. According to him, the source of inspiration is an incident that affected a person related to his friend. Being from a supportive family, Author Sameer makes a new diary every year and pens down his thoughts. In the near future readers can expect a romantic novel. He is also planning to try his hands-on science fiction. Check out the complete interview to have a sneak peek into the conversation between Sameer Saxena and Bookish MB and know more interesting things.

Author Sameer Saxena

Bookish MB - Tell us a little about yourself? Something that is known to only a few people.

Author Sameer - I am still exploring myself, to be honest. I am a person who had different goals at different stages of life. When I was a child, I wanted to be a cricketer. I love cricket a lot. But then, I was not as gifted in the cricket field as I thought. And, when I went to engineering college, I wanted to create something. Something, that could benefit our society in a certain way. And, guess what? I am now having a feeling that I've actually accomplished one thing that I really wanted to. I have created this story. This novel. I also wanted to have a job before started writing this story, so that I could support my family as well as take this decision of writing my first novel and publishing it. So, this who I am. A simple guy with a simple life but lot of stories to tell.

Bookish MB - From where did you get the inspiration for writing books. Please give our readers a brief about your book/books??

Author Sameer - For my first novel, I started writing something about an incident that affected a person related to my friend. I wanted to share the tragedy they have been through. I started with a plot, which took shape bit by bit and step by step, to evolve into something you will read as "Sunset by the River".

SbtR is a story that revolves around 3 main characters, Ayaan, Tripti, and Monisha. 

It is based on a very sensitive topic that is considered taboo in our society and how people around this taboo gets affected.

Bookish MB - Which according to you is the most difficult part of writing?

Author Sameer - Nothing is easy. Everything comes at a price and at different stages, you have to pay a different price to achieve a goal. Writing requires your wholehearted effort, imagination, and time. So, writing is not easy but it becomes a little comfort if you start writing the story which you feel should be told to people not because you want to become an author, but because you want to tell the story!

Bookish MB - Could help our readers know which websites you refer to when you feel blue and want something to read?

Author Sameer - I think if you can spend a little money then there's no other website as abundant with books as KINDLE. It has everything you need. And if you want to read articles, I don't have any specific website to follow, I just google the article I want to read and try going through some of the links it shows.

Bookish MB - As a writer, do you have family support?

Author Sameer - Absolutely. My family has supported me throughout my life about whatever choices I have made with my career so far. 

Bookish MB - Tell us about your exclusive or rather rare writing habit that you love?

Author Sameer - I love to write with a pen in a diary. I make a new diary every year and write the ideas and then, compile them to type on my laptop.

Bookish MB - Writing a book was your first preference or it just happened by luck?

Author Sameer - It was not a lick, neither a plan. My writing method is random. I do not have any plans, it just goes with the flow. Someday, I write 2000 words in one go, other days I did not feel like writing a single word. The journey of my first book has been quite a roller coaster ride for me, starting from the first line, to the final paragraph. I still carry my diary which has all the ideas that have created this novel. I still read those three lines. Three simple lines. That's how it all started. Now, when I read them, I feel amazed at how those 3 lines have shaped a full-length novel.

Bookish MB - Are any of the characters of the book inspired by real-life humans?

Author Sameer - I think most of the writers find inspiration to write characters out of the people they meet. The same goes for me, as I've met and interacted with many people due to my public service job, so yes, some characters and even the issues and incidents that I've described are inspired by real-life events.

Bookish MB - Are you planning to write more books? Can you help our readers find your future works?

Author Sameer - I have a couple of ideas in my mind. For my next work, I have a romantic novel which I have started in November, but it will take a few more months to be completed. For a more distant future, I have a sci-fi idea that has been around my mind for 3 months now. I am first focused on this love story that I am working on, and later I have a plan to write a science fiction series.

Bookish MB - Any message for beginners who are trying to find which books to start from?

Author Sameer - In my opinion, reading is something that you can't tell if you are a beginner or an expert. There's no such thing as an expert reader to me. Yes, reading speed may vary, but it does not mean the person is a perfect reader. You can start with any Book of your interest, e.g. if you love romance, you can start with any Book of Nicholas Sparks.