About The Blogger

About The Blogger
Mahima, BookishMB

This is Mahima. I am spiritual and love to remain silent most of the time, in this world where people are only worried about telling stories of themselves instead of listening to what others have to say. I like to smell books, hoard some of them, read all of the books as well as take notes while reading. Reviewing books is now a hobby. Have the plan to do good book reviews. I would always like to see people read, write and pursue a healthy long life.

I have a postgraduate MBA degree with a specialization in marketing and finance. Breaking the lane, I am currently working as a content writer and have no relation to marketing and finance. However, I may start to teach management and accounts in the future.

In my free time, I love to watch the harry potter series and BTS is my all time favourite group.

In this blog, I will be posting updates related to books, book reviews, how to make notes, the life-changing books, self-help, mental peace, study-related tips and much more.
I hope you all will find the content worth reading. Any suggestions are most welcome.

Happy Reading.

Bookish MB


Believes in GOD


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