Smart Tips For Self Study

Smart Tips For Self Study

smart tips for self study
Bookish MB
Well, we all know some (friends or family) who have exceptional minds & are good at studies and always secure great marks. Many people feel demotivated when others are flourishing in their work. It is more likely, they are using some smart tips for self study.
Looking at them you might wonder, that you can be a topper too. But then the thought of studying long pages of books come across your mind and you feel bored after a few minutes of handling a book? Well if the answer is yes, then you are at the right place. Ever thought, is it something you can be skilled at?

I will tell you some of the smart tips for self study, so can start studying/reading anything you want. Better and smart tips for self study will help you in learning things or content effectively, leading to getting good results.

Due to the enhancement of information technology, students nowadays are so much aware of the best-known skills in virtual mode. The availability of information in the virtual environment is easy, quick and beneficial to some extent. Before we start with what are those smart tips for self study, let us understand some basic key details of self study.

What is Self Study?

Self study simply refers to the process in which a person, be it a student or not, tries to analyze, understand and interpret some content by him/herself without the help of any coaching.

Benefits of Self Study

Time Saving- Going to coaching centers or tuition classes consumes a lot of time. And at the end of the day, students are left with zero percent battery to even revise the study they learned. Applying smart tips for self study will save you precious time.

Economical- You can make your parents delighted by saving their hard-earned money. The decision of joining coaching classes won’t come for free. You need to pay the coaching/tuition owner something in exchange for his/her services. So by self study, you will be able to save at least some money.

Learn Effectively- The major advantage of self study is that it allows you to understand things effectively. It is scientifically proven that when you try to focus on something by yourself, you learn it effectively.

Smart Tips For Self Study

Set page alarm

Make it a regular practice to make a checkmark on the side of every page, every time your mind becomes a tourist during the study hours. I learned this amazing mind trick from my favourite self-help book “who will cry when you die”. I use this personally, hence can make you assure of better results from this "set page alarm trick". By continuously practicing this “smart tip for self study” you will soon begin to realize how focused you are while studying.
Make Check Marks Everytime You Zone Out
Note- Initially it may happen that you see a single page with many checkmarks. Do not worry. By continuous practice, you will soon realize that by using this as one of the smart tips for self study you are improving.

Take breaks

Do not sit for long hours of study time. One of the smart tips for self study is to take short study breaks as this will ultimately improve your productivity. Studying for longer hours will make you drained out, exhausted, crippled or frazzled. Please relax and give a boost to your brains by taking breaks.
What To Do During The Breaks?
  • Read something apart from the base study material
  • Listen to some music of your choice.
  • Silence for a minute will make you energized

Find a place of your own

Human Mind is the best place for being a wanderlust. Hence, it is likely to navigate you at a higher pace completely from one place or another especially when you are alone. You need to look for a place where you feel motivated enough to study.

Make Notes

Since childhood, my mother has made me write things while studying. She always believed the fact that writing what you read helps to a great extent in learning things faster. Writing while learning may be difficult, but remember that when you write or make notes, your hand forces the mind to perform something by active participation.

How To Take Notes?
  • Use different colored pens to write. Your mind is responsive to colors
colored pens, smart tips for self study
Use Colorful Pens
  • Follow the mind map technique. It is a graphic way of presenting information
mind map, smart tips for self study
Mind Map Technique
  • Do not always copy text as regular. Try drawing doodles or simply draw related to your content.make it a fun and interesting process and you’ll be more likely to recall the details when you require them
Note-Even research in psychology shows how doodling/drawing while studying can actually leave a long-lasting effect on your mind and retain facts/information easily.


Use this as one of the smart tips for self study. Mnemonics is a technique of retaining information in human memory. Our human mind is a gem. Feed it good and it shall never disappoint you. Use mnemonics to remember stuff for long.

For example- The famous strategic management planning technique “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are referred to as SWOT”. This helps people remember the names easily. Be creative and try to make as many mnemonics as you can while coming across something different and hard to memorize.

Adopt Flash Cards

Buy sticky notes from a nearby stationery shop. Write what you wish to remember on those cards or sticky notes and paste the same either in your notebook or just paste the same on the wall of the room. Here one of the smart study tips for the self study will be to look at these notes or sticky’s every now and then. This will make you remember facts/information for a long duration.

Some Basic Smart Tips For Self Study-

  •  Give yourself some reward for doing such great work 


  • Sit with some food/eatables and a water bottle 

Have Good Food

  • Do not try to multitask while studying
  • Study not more than two-three subjects in a day
  • Revise continuously

Try to inculcate at least some of the above mentioned smart tips for self study and you will notice the change in your study pattern. However, do not let marks define you or your success. Remember some of the great minds were not good in academics. Amir Khan Sir even said in a movie that “Read to succeed, never to become a donkey”.

Learn and Grow!

Happy Reading.

Bookish MB


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  1. Very very useful tips. It has observed all the minute details about human behaviors and guided well.Well written and well researched piece. Look forward many more such work of arts from you.

  2. Very very useful tips. It has observed all the minute details about human behaviors and guided well. Well written and well researched piece. Look forward many more such work of arts from you.


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