Author Interview - Shreyan Laha

Shreyan Laha Interview

Author - Shreyan Laha

Ever thought how challenging it is to deal and write with imaginative and futuristic concepts while simultaneously keeping the readers engaged. Bookish MB had a word with Author Shreyan Laha who wrote incredible science fiction “A Year Without Summer” and a science fiction and crime thriller “Not Worth Living For”. Shreyan is currently working on its prequel, “A Tiny Reason to Live”, post which he is planning to come up with a trilogy “The Acid Series”. Exciting isn’t it? According to Shreyan Laha, he loves reading books of all kinds when he is in the best of my emotional state. Let’s have a sneak peak into the conversation between Shreyan Laha and Bookish MB to know more interesting things.

Bookish MB - Tell us a little about yourself? Something that is known to only a few people.

Shreyan Laha - Now this is a challenging question. I am Shreyan Laha, science fiction author. There are many things about me which are known by a few people. For example, I suffered multiple near-death experiences. I can share one of them: I was fortunately wearing a helmet on that day and when my head crashed on the road divider, the helmet broke in two. I escaped with a concussion. These near-death experiences help me write more books.

Bookish MB - From where did you get the inspiration for writing the science fiction books?

Shreyan Laha - Nowhere. There are various literary phases. During the 70s and 80s, scandalous and taboo aspects were the hot topic. In the 90s, it was about Indian authors writing Mills and Boon level stories – all involving being cool and having sex. After 2010, the literary phase turned its tide towards mythology fiction. Likewise in future, we will have people preferring a different trend. We do not know what this trend will be like. However, we know there will be a trend. For that, we need to make a start somewhere. When romantic books were still popular, authors like Amish started with his first book of the Shiva Trilogy. Similarly, I believe science fiction authors need to start somewhere.

Bookish MB - Which according to you is the most difficult part of writing?

Shreyan Laha - Being anchored to the main character and treating him as a hero. Often while plotting, sub-plotting and then going on for extended pages about the author’s situation – you feel like focusing on another character because that feels more refreshing but then, you have to keep on with the dreary paragraphs and main character. Japanese authors and animators have a specific way of dealing with it. They create a secondary hero which is equal or in some aspects, even better than the protagonist but then if I practice it, people will know where my inspiration is coming from.

Bookish MB - Could help our readers know about which websites you refer to when you feel blue and want something to read?

Shreyan Laha - Normally, I go and have a bottle of beer when I feel blue. I never read when I feel blue and not from websites. I prefer reading books of all kinds when I’m in the best of my emotional state.

Bookish MB - As a writer, do you have family support?

Shreyan Laha - I earn on my own. Why would I need family support now? They need my support. Back when I was a student, I received enough family support. However, it was not enough because I was reminded that I was self-publishing my book (over and over again) and that I am not a good author.

Bookish MB - Tell us about your exclusive or rather rare writing habit that you love?

Shreyan Laha - When I feel like writing, I write close to 8,000 or 10,000 words in one go. That’s the case with most of my stories. On other days, I am quite lazy. Earlier, I used to have a habit and stuck with a rigorous 1,000 per day schedule which boosted during NaNoWriMo. Not these days.

Bookish MB - Writing a book was your first preference or it just happened by luck?

Shreyan Laha - It happened just by luck. I used to write articles earlier and decided all of a sudden, why not go for the bigger format?

Bookish MB - Are any of the characters of the book inspired by real life humans?

Shreyan Laha - None, till now. However, there are characteristics of different real-life characters which influence a composite character of my book. That offers challenges and lets me have a reasonable human being. For example, I would create a poor farmer in a village but his habits will be much like a professor. Now, as you can see a farmer wouldn’t have enough literary knowledge due to his literacy level and IQ. Here, I have to apply some of my creative skills and have a character who has a lot of patience. When this character quotes something, he quotes something from someone he heard “back in the day”, rather than “someone he heard”. This makes a character more believable.

Bookish MB - Are you planning to write more books? Can you help our reader find your future works?

Shreyan Laha - Sure, I have written a book already called “Not Worth Living For”. I am currently writing it’s prequel, “A Tiny Reason to Live”. Post that, I have a trilogy in hand, called “The Acid Series”.

Bookish MB - Any message for beginners who are trying to find which books to start from?

Shreyan Laha - Read at least 50 books of your preferred genre before you begin writing. Else, you’ll find yourself in hot waters and you wouldn’t know which ideas were used when you began writing. These books should be authored by both famous and not-so-famous authors.

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