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Bookish MB had a word with Author Sameer Saxena, writer of Sunset by the River. According to him, the source of inspiration is an incident that affected a person related to his friend. Being from a supportive family, Author Sameer makes a new diary every year and pens down his thoughts. In the near future readers can expect a romantic novel. He is also planning to try his hands-on science fiction. Check out the complete interview to have a sneak peek into the conversation between Sameer Saxena and Bookish MB and know more interesting things.

Author Sameer Saxena

Bookish MB - Tell us a little about yourself? Something that is known to only a few people.

Author Sameer - I am still exploring myself, to be honest. I am a person who had different goals at different stages of life. When I was a child, I wanted to be a cricketer. I love cricket a lot. But then, I was not as gifted in the cricket field as I thought. And, when I went to engineering college, I wanted to create something. Something, that could benefit our society in a certain way. And, guess what? I am now having a feeling that I've actually accomplished one thing that I really wanted to. I have created this story. This novel. I also wanted to have a job before started writing this story, so that I could support my family as well as take this decision of writing my first novel and publishing it. So, this who I am. A simple guy with a simple life but lot of stories to tell.

Bookish MB - From where did you get the inspiration for writing books. Please give our readers a brief about your book/books??

Author Sameer - For my first novel, I started writing something about an incident that affected a person related to my friend. I wanted to share the tragedy they have been through. I started with a plot, which took shape bit by bit and step by step, to evolve into something you will read as "Sunset by the River".

SbtR is a story that revolves around 3 main characters, Ayaan, Tripti, and Monisha. 

It is based on a very sensitive topic that is considered taboo in our society and how people around this taboo gets affected.

Bookish MB - Which according to you is the most difficult part of writing?

Author Sameer - Nothing is easy. Everything comes at a price and at different stages, you have to pay a different price to achieve a goal. Writing requires your wholehearted effort, imagination, and time. So, writing is not easy but it becomes a little comfort if you start writing the story which you feel should be told to people not because you want to become an author, but because you want to tell the story!

Bookish MB - Could help our readers know which websites you refer to when you feel blue and want something to read?

Author Sameer - I think if you can spend a little money then there's no other website as abundant with books as KINDLE. It has everything you need. And if you want to read articles, I don't have any specific website to follow, I just google the article I want to read and try going through some of the links it shows.

Bookish MB - As a writer, do you have family support?

Author Sameer - Absolutely. My family has supported me throughout my life about whatever choices I have made with my career so far. 

Bookish MB - Tell us about your exclusive or rather rare writing habit that you love?

Author Sameer - I love to write with a pen in a diary. I make a new diary every year and write the ideas and then, compile them to type on my laptop.

Bookish MB - Writing a book was your first preference or it just happened by luck?

Author Sameer - It was not a lick, neither a plan. My writing method is random. I do not have any plans, it just goes with the flow. Someday, I write 2000 words in one go, other days I did not feel like writing a single word. The journey of my first book has been quite a roller coaster ride for me, starting from the first line, to the final paragraph. I still carry my diary which has all the ideas that have created this novel. I still read those three lines. Three simple lines. That's how it all started. Now, when I read them, I feel amazed at how those 3 lines have shaped a full-length novel.

Bookish MB - Are any of the characters of the book inspired by real-life humans?

Author Sameer - I think most of the writers find inspiration to write characters out of the people they meet. The same goes for me, as I've met and interacted with many people due to my public service job, so yes, some characters and even the issues and incidents that I've described are inspired by real-life events.

Bookish MB - Are you planning to write more books? Can you help our readers find your future works?

Author Sameer - I have a couple of ideas in my mind. For my next work, I have a romantic novel which I have started in November, but it will take a few more months to be completed. For a more distant future, I have a sci-fi idea that has been around my mind for 3 months now. I am first focused on this love story that I am working on, and later I have a plan to write a science fiction series.

Bookish MB - Any message for beginners who are trying to find which books to start from?

Author Sameer - In my opinion, reading is something that you can't tell if you are a beginner or an expert. There's no such thing as an expert reader to me. Yes, reading speed may vary, but it does not mean the person is a perfect reader. You can start with any Book of your interest, e.g. if you love romance, you can start with any Book of Nicholas Sparks.

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