Book Review of Life is What You Make It

Title - Life Is What You Make It

Author - Preeti Shenoy

Life is what you make it
Life is what you make it

Life Is What You Make It depicts the story of Ankita who belonged to a  conservative family. Being academically good, she thought of getting into SRCC Delhi but her parents didn't agree. Instead, she took admission in St. Agnes College for girls. On one fine day during an inter-college cultural festival. Ankita met Abhishek. Soon after they both fell in love. But destiny had something else planned out. Ankita moved to Mumbai as she got admission in one of the B-School and that's it. Abhishek committed suicide. 

Soon Ankita started feeling nostalgia and fell into depression. She even tried taking her own life. Further to the story, Ankita is admitted to a mental hospital where she gets diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. What happened to her at the end of the story? Did she make it or let her depression overcome her dreams? Read the book Life Is What You Make It to know it all.

Life Is What You Make It is a short one time read. One can experience the ambitious life that youngsters crave while in school/college. Characters are doing fine in the storyline. The writing style is simple and engaging initially and becomes a bit intense wherever required. 

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