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BookishMB had a word with Author Jagadish Nadanalli, who has written three books namely ‘Me, My Friends, and an Aunty’, ‘Third Love’ and 'My Father’s Girlfriend'. Apart from writing books, Author Jagadish also works for the Kannada film and TV industry. He even acted as a police officer in a movie. To know information related to his source of inspiration, writing habits, future works, and much more, read the full interview.

BookishMB - Tell us a little about yourself? Something that is known to only a few people.

Jagadish Nadanalli - I am a writer. I live, love, and breathe writing. I work in the Kannada film and TV industry as a writer. I have written for TV serials, reality shows, and talk shows. I have written stories, screenplays, and dialogues for a few Kannada movies too. I debuted as a movie director in 2015 with the Kannada movie titled ‘Rocket’. My short movie ‘Lottery’ released last year and it was selected for BISFF (Bengaluru International Short Film Festival) and another couple of film festivals. Only a few people know that I have acted in a movie as a police officer. And I played a negative role in my short movie Lottery because the actor fixed for the role demanded more money the day before the shoot.      

BookishMB - From where did you get the inspiration for writing books. Please give our readers a brief about your book/books??

Jagadish Nadanalli - I usually get inspiration from my life and the life around me. I also get inspired by other writers too but I mostly depend on my observation and imagination. My first book ‘Me, My Friends, and an Aunty’ was released in 2014. It is a self-published book. It is a story of four friends and how their life changes when they meet a middle-aged woman. My second book was ‘Third Love’ published through KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). It is set in an imaginary kingdom where a General fights to save his country. My Father’s Girlfriend is my third book. It explores the depth of love and the father and son relationship.      

BookishMB - Which according to you is the most difficult part of writing?

Jagadish Nadanalli - The part where you start writing or typing words is the most difficult part of writing. You are up against so many factors, thoughts, characters, and external disturbances that keep hindering your writing process. At some point in time, it becomes difficult to conquer them and you feel mentally drained to write even a single word.   

BookishMB - Could help our readers know which websites you refer to when you feel blue and want something to read?

Jagadish Nadanalli - I don’t refer to any websites. I try to be away from the internet as much as possible while I am writing. But I always keep a book beside me when I am writing. Most of the time they belong to the genre I am writing.   

BookishMB - As a writer, do you have family support?

Jagadish Nadanalli - My family is a long way away from anything to do with writing. But the moral support I get from them is immense. I live alone in Bengaluru and living alone is a big boon for writing.

BookishMB - Tell us about your exclusive or rather rare writing habit that you love?

Jagadish Nadanalli - There is no exclusive habit. I just start writing if a concept or a thought keeps haunting me without any gap.  

BookishMB - Writing a book was your first preference or it just happened by luck?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Writing was my first preference. I wanted to use my writing skills to write screenplays and make movies. Since it is very tough to find investors for a movie; I came up with an idea to convert the movie scripts into books. Also, my English was not that good when I started to write so I wanted to improve by involving myself in writing in English.

BookishMB - Are any of the characters of the book inspired by real-life humans?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Real-life characters inspire most of the characters in my books. If you ask me about ‘My Father’s Girlfriend’, a couple of them are based on real-life characters but I can’t tell whom they are based on.

BookishMB - Are you planning to write more books? Can you help our readers find your future works?

Jagadish Nadanalli - I already have three manuscripts ready to be published. It all depends on how much the current book, My Father’s Girlfriend will be able to create a buzz in the market. Going by the trends, I am hoping that it will end up in the bestseller list in a couple of months if not weeks. To the readers, I just request them to connect with me on Facebook or Instagram to know about my future works.   

BookishMB - Any message for beginners who are trying to find which books to start from?

Jagadish Nadanalli - Start with my book ‘My Father’s Girlfriend’. It is simple, funny, and entertaining. It may also leave you teary-eyed once you finish the book. So don’t wait, order a copy today.

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