Summary of Pride and Prejudice

Title- Pride and Prejudice 

Author- Jane Austen


1. Mr. and Mrs. Bennet (Parents of Bennet sisters)

2. Bennet Sisters - Jane, Elizabeth (Lizzy), Mary, Kitty, and Lydia

3. Charles Bingley - Wealthy and young gentleman

4. William Darcy - Friend of Charles Bingley

5. Mr. Collins - Cousin of Bennet sisters

6. Lady Catherine - Wealthy aunt of William Darcy

7. George Wickham - Officer in the militia

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of those classic novels that has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. The main storyline moves around the second eldest sister Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet, the dynamic protagonist, and William Darcy. Within the main storyline, parallel stories move along in the novel and may sound confusing if not paid attention by the readers. 

The story concludes that marrying for love is more important rather than focusing on money or getting under social pressure.


Mr. and Mrs. Bennet do not have any son and for the safety of their daughters, they want either all of them or any one of them to get settled in a rich family in order to support the others. One day the Bennet family is invited by Charles Bingley to a ball party along with the entire neighborhood. In the ball, the eldest sister Jane Bennet is attracted towards Charles Bingley. Both families observe them and are clear of their relation. Here, Charles Bingley asks his friend William Darcy to also find a match and suggests for Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. But William Darcy rejects the proposal saying he is not interested in her. This conversation is heard by Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet and she gets very offended. 

Charles Bingley's sisters invite Jane Bennet for dinner. On her way there, she catches a cold and is forced to stay there. To check up on her sister, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet goes too and there William Darcy is attracted towards her which is not liked by Caroline (Charles Bingley's sister). 

Simultaneously, Mr. Collins visits Bennet family and upon knowing that Jane Bennet is committed to Charles Bingley, he shows his interest in marrying the second eldest sister i.e. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. Mr. Collins proposes the same to Lizzy but nothing works out between them and he marries her friend Charlotte. 

Whereas, charming army officer, George Wickham meets Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet and her family. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet gets to know that George Wickham knows William Darcy. He tells him what Darcy did to him which grows more hatred in Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet towards William Darcy. 

Soon, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet visits Mr. Collins and her friend Charlotte. She is invited to Rosings Park. Lady Catherine is Mr. Collin's landlord. Elizabeth doesn't know that she is also the wealthy aunt of William Darcy. Lady Catherine throws a party and invites both William Darcy and Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet. At the party, William Darcy confesses his love to Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet buy she angrily rejects him and tells him she can't marry and love someone who has caused unhappiness in her sister's life. She also tells him what he did to George Wickham. William Darcy does not say anything about the accusations. 

Later, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet receives a letter from William Darcy in which is explains why he did what he did. Upon reading the letter, Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet feels ashamed of her sense of judgment. 

The story concludes on a good note. Bennet family is happy as three of the Bennet sisters are married.

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