Book Review of The HR Superstar

Title - The HR Superstar

Author - Sridhar Ganesh

This is not a book, rather a lifetime experience of the author (feels like one on one conversation) who has worked/served for more than four decades in the Human Resource industry and is continuing to do so...
To keep it simple, the author says that there I no doubt that plenty of HR theories are available. But what is missing and is most required is the practical wisdom to be successful in the real world.
It's like you know what you want. The question is how to get the right impetus?
To my surprise, at the beginning of each chapter, one inspirational quote or saying is written that gives a very positive feeling of what the chapter is all about...
To be honest, I was never interested in HR and hence I didn't choose HR in my MBA program. But if you are someone who wants to make a career in the HR domain, you must check out this book once. People already working in the HR domain will also find plenty of improving ways!

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