Book Review of Sitayana

Title- Sitayana

Author- Rajnih Rethesh

Ever wondered what happens when there is a clash between our belief system and what is actually happening (reality)? From ancient times, women have been shown on lower strata than men, be it in terms of strength, education, intelligence, or else.


The protagonist writes a book "Sitayana" that focuses more on negative aspects of Hindu mythology. She starts getting life-threatening calls. Apparently, her husband is one of those non-supportive types. But, gladly to her rescue comes forward Gauri Naik (wife of leader Ganpatrao Naik). In the intense storyline, Sita falls in love with Kenny. However, one day, Sita is nowhere to be found. Where is she? Well, I can't give spoilers here.

Defined in simple narratives, the book Sitayana holds the story of being women (not only in ancient times but in the 21st century as well). 

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