Book Review - Kalkikal Katha - Tripund Kaksha

Kalkikal Katha, Tripund Kaksha

Title- Kalkikal Katha
Author - Prashant Singh

Usually I dont read books in hindi so initially it was difficult for me to read with pace but then after the second adhyay I read it quiet swiftly.

To tell you frankly, if u are someone who hesitates before picking any Hindi language book then don't worry about this one. The author has very carefully provided a list of characters (Charitra suchi) before the index so just in case u have any problem with the characters you can easily switch and check it without any problem.
What this book is about?
Well, this book Kalkikal begins from the storyline where part one (samyat mystery) ended! The main character is Kalki who is on a journey to save earth from getting invaded by some other planet species. In his journey, Kalki meets unique people and visits mysterious places. His challenges get tougher. In this book, extinct creatures are brought back to life by the author. Dead become alive. Kalki has to save the earth with the help of his team.
There is a lot of thrill, mystery, and uncertainty within the storyline. Read this book to find out if Kalki is able to face the terrible crisis. If yes then how? Which key is he looking for? Who are those people who are helping him?
In between the story, the readers may feel the deviations, but believe me it will all end at a certain point leaving readers with amazement.

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