The Treasure Syndicate

Title - The Treasure Syndicate

Author - Jatin Kuberkar

Youtube Link- The Treasure Syndicate

The Treasure Syndicate

I am into thriller novels des days and was wondering about my next pick when my friend suggested me to go for this book once.

The Treasure Syndicate is centered around five main characters, Acharya being the major one. He is the leader of the group. 

The other 4 members are-

  • Jabbar (digger)
  • Kumar (driver)
  • Shrikant (common man)
  • Mahesh (doctor)
Together they form the syndicate and move onto a constructive journey.

The author has very carefully crafted the story, showcasing the background of characters, hardships faced by them individually as well as collectively, their conflict and resolution.

The storyline has thrill content as well as the required suspense. The language is simple and hence even beginners can give it a try.

📚Overall, I liked the asthetic of the book and I am thankful to my friend for the suggestion.

🌺 Hope everyone's having a great and healthy day.

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