Making It Big Review

Title- Making It Big
To be honest, I am not very much into biographies or related stuff, but my friend gifted me this copy so I gave it a read and I am glad I did. Whosoever will read it will surely learn something. Well, it's human nature to fall apart in times of difficulty. But that's not what we should do. Right? 

Since I am a business student, I like reading books related to business mantras, survival and all. This book making it big is truly a commendable book written by Binod Chaudhary in which he has showcased his life in four parts-
  • Part 1 birth of his passions
  • Part 2 about fall, his battles, politics
  • Part 3 is about the turning points of his life and business
  • Part 4 His business mantras that got him huge success 
Also, there are real life pictures of him. Overall, if you like reading biographies then you should read it once. On amazon you can get it on a good discount price :) The language used in the book is totally layman's, so you won't face any difficulty reading it! Anyways, hope everyone's having great and healthy days 🌺 Happy reading

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